SOS in the Learning Environment

To some learning is a science to others it is an applied art. Whichever view you hold Sayings of Success (SOS) support the learning process. For example, they assist comprehensive learning practices such as Accelerated Learning.

What is Accelerated Learning (AL)?

According to the International Alliance for Learning, AL “begins with the premise that each person is capable of much, much more than they think is possible”. It’s certainly hard to imagine more fertile ground for the attainment and application of knowledge than this!

The International Alliance for Learning goes on to say that this type of learning design “appeals to all learning and processing styles. The AL cycle offers a template, to design and facilitate, that provides a framework for success.”

The Alliance describes ten elements that are key to Accelerated Learning: Knowledge about the Human Brain, Emotional State, The Learning Environment, The Role of Music and the Arts, Personal Motivation, Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles, Imagination/Metaphors, Suggestion/De-suggestion, Team Learning and Cooperation and Improvement and Results.

How do Sayings of Success assist Accelerated Learning?

Sayings of Success are simple but effective tools to help users harness the immense power of their minds to change their thoughts, actions and outcomes. They support the following Accelerated Learning Tenets:

  • Knowledge about the Human Brain:
  • Recent findings in neuroscience conclude that our thoughts can literally change the structure of our brains. Not just any thoughts applied any way, but deliberate, structured and repetitive application of precise thoughts has now been shown to physically change the brain enabling new behaviours to supplant old ones. Sayings of Success provide positive messages and encourage repetitive application of such thoughts. Sayings of Success can also be customized using the SoS blank decals to handwrite your own messages (Note: Bulk orders of 500 units or more can be professionally custom printed).

  • Emotional State:
  • AL professes that emotions have a powerful influence on learning. Sayings of Success, with their self-elevating messages, impart positive motivational messages into the learner. In so doing Sayings of Success help to enhance retention by creating a receptive emotional state in the learner.

  • The Learning Environment:
  • The state of the physical learning environment is central to the AL experience. Use of Sayings of Success on the walls, tables, desks, doors and other areas in the learning environment positively adds to the learning experience.

    In addition, their small size and portability make them a perfect supportive learning tool outside of the AL environment. For example, use of Sayings of Success at home, work or play can trigger the AL experience and help to reinforce the learning throughout the day.

  • Personal Motivation:
  • Sayings of Success (e.g. “Get Motivated” and “Take Action”) encourage positive-thinking, self-confidence, self-discipline and tenacity. Their messages are uplifting and their easy accessibility enhances the effectiveness of the messages.

  • Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles:
  • One of many attributes of AL is its acknowledgement of the variety of intelligences and learning styles that exists in humanity. For those who recall and retain information through visual cues or word/phrase reminders, Sayings of Success are ideal. Whether using the pre-printed motivational messages or using customized teachings, the easy, multi-use application of Sayings of Success suits a variety of intelligences and learning styles.

  • Suggestion/De-Suggestion:
  • Sayings of Success encourage positive-thinking, self-confidence, action, self-discipline and tenacity. Their messages positively influence a learner’s personal suggestions to enhance the learning experience while simultaneously discouraging negative suggestions.

    So how can Sayings of Success assist Accelerated Learning? Sayings of Success are an easy, effective and economical way to apply the majority of Accelerated Learning’s key tenets.


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