Sayings of Success and The Secret?

Recently there has been a lot of attention paid to the law of attraction, the power of positive-thinking and the like. The truth be known these philosophical, spiritual and religious discussions are not new but date back to the beginning of recorded history. They had proponents and opponents then as they do now.

The philosophy behind Sayings of Success is

Say It→ See It → Believe It → Achieve It!ℒ

The value of using motivational and inspirational sayings to change behaviors and effects has been taught by great leaders for centuries. The constant use or repetition of such sayings has the ability to change your mental attitude (thought patterns), which in turn affects your actions and their outcomes.

It is basically teaching yourself new or different ways to think and act to achieve new or different results.

Internationally renowned authors and speakers such as T. Harv Eker (Secrets of the Millionaire Mind), Dr. Pat Francis (The Ultimate Secret), Dr. Myles Munroe (Understanding Your Potential), Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking), and Tony Robbins (Awaken the Giant Within) are just a few of many who believe and encourage the use of motivational sayings.

The Holy Bible and other inspired texts frequently refer to the power of using focused speech, vision, faith and action.

For a secret this strategy has certainly been widely circulated throughout the ages!

Science or SecretSayings of Success provide easy application of proven learning and goal attainment strategies. They are great for use by students, athletes, teachers, trainers, coaches, motivational speakers, employers, employees, entrepreneurs, or anyone who is determined to learn, to change and to succeed!

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